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This CoE Training aims to

1. Design training programs that meet PWA CoE Program Committee’s training objectives in the scope of Total Product Life Cycle of Medical Devices

2. Deliver training programs effectively and promote harmonization and advancement of the use of standards in the assessment of medical devices among APEC region

3. Assess the implementation and outcomes of CoE training and provide suggestions for future regulatory harmonization activities APEC LSIF RHSC

4. Secure programs and a pool of lecturers and experts to disseminate the importance of the use of standards

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1. "Service" refers to the various services available on the SCH CoE Website (including Registration, Certification and others related to the SCH CoE training).

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Authorization for Use of Images

Dear trainees,

We would like to inform you that pictures (screenshots) will be taken during the live Untact Conferences.

The pictures may be used for marketing, publication and promotion. For a valuable record of the training, we thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.

The pictures will not be used for any other purposes and shall be deleted upon request.